my life story is way too long for me to type in its entirety + i doubt anyone is that interested in me anyways so i'll tell my story on how i became a photographer instead.

i originally picked my camera up as a mean of making extra income. i'd just moved to nyc from florida with less than $150 in my bank account. i'd picked up a part time job in the city but everyone knows that's not enough to survive. after having a conversation with a good friend, i decided to put my camera to use to make a few dollars on the side.

i wasn't shooting for long when i realized my passion for the art of photography. one day i had been shooting for 15 hours straight. when i got home that night, instead of collapsing and falling asleep, i got on my mac and began to edit my photos. it was then that i realized i had a deep passion for photography.

in march of 2017, i quit my job to take up photography full time. i shoot all types of things just because i love to take photos but my specialty is fashion, editorials + portraits.