my life story is way too long for me to type in its entirety + i doubt anyone is that interested in me anyways so i'll tell my story on how i became a photographer instead.

i originally picked my camera up as a mean of making extra income. i'd just moved to nyc from florida with less than $150 in my bank account. i'd picked up a part time job in the city but everyone knows that's not enough to survive. after having a conversation with a good friend, i decided to put my camera to use to make a few dollars on the side.

i wasn't shooting for long when i realized my passion for the art of photography. one day i had been shooting for 15 hours straight. when i got home that night, instead of collapsing and falling asleep, i got on my mac and began to edit my photos. it was then that i realized i had a deep passion for photography.

in march of 2017, i quit my job to take up photography full time. i shoot all types of things just because i love to take photos but my specialty is fashion, editorials + portraits.


Why should you shoot with me?


On Shoot Training

Nervous that you won't know what to do in front of the camera? I'll be there to help guide + position you from start to finish.

Professional Retouch

All photo shoots come with color correction + photo retouching, which includes removal of stray hairs + skin blemishes, whitening of teeth + eyes and more.

Full Team Assistance

Don't know what to wear? Need help achieving your dream hair style? Professional stylist, MUA, hair sylist are available upon request.


Competitive rates guarentee you get your money worth. You won't be disappointed, we have money back guarantee.

Outdoor + Indoor Experience

I have years of experience shooting on location shoot with natural lighting + in studio with artifical lighting ensuring that you always get that perfect lighting.

Step by Step Process

Stay completely informed from beginning to end. From brainstorming your shoot idea to delivery + printing of your photos, everything can be overlooked 24/7 via a secured + personalized online photo gallery.

Testimonials from previous clients.


Bianca, co-founder of Minorites in Media

From my own personal website to event photography, Jarrod has a unique ability to capture organic moments from a high energy environment to something more staged. I'm not a model but I've definitely felt more than comfortable shooting with Jarrod because I know for a fact the end results are always fire.



Destinee, founder of Strivers' Row

When I sought out a photographer to partner with for my project, Jarrod was the first that came to mind. I knew that he would be as dedicated as I am and very professional. As a less creative person it can be difficult for me to articulate my ideas, but Jarrod is patient and asks questions to understand thoroughly. I trust his vision and artistry.



Check out my blog where I share tips + tricks that I learned on shoots, personal stories, interviews + more.

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Planning a photoshoot from start to finish can be a challenge. I've created a free e-book with a how to guide on planning your shoot from start to finish. 

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