#ShootersUnion Photowalk

#ShootersUnion Photowalk

A year + some change ago some friends + i started a group chat. We were all just getting started with photography and figured it would be smart to have a group where we talked about what we had learned to help grow our craft.

None of us knew much though so we began to add other photographers who had been in the game longer. We would critic each others photos, share upcoming events, pass along gigs that we knew of, or just talk about images that inspired us.

Eventually the community grew and we gained over 300+ people. Photographers from all over the country. All with different experience + knowledge. Every so often we host a photowalk where a bunch of us get together with models + other creatives and explore the city + create together. This is a recap of our latest one, filmed by my boy JR.

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Shoutout to JR again for the dope video recap.