25 things i've learned at 25

my birthday passed recently + i wanted to drop this on my gday but life happens. we here now though! here's a list of things i've learned in my 25 years of life.

  1. listen to music daily
  2. meditate for at least 15 mins a day
  3. smile more
  4. laugh more
  5. travel every chance you get
  6. work out at least 3 times a week
  7. read often
  8. drink more water
  9. save at least 10% of ya paycheck for a rainy day
  10. if you gonna do something, go hard for it
  11. tell people you love you love em, tomorrow isn't promised
  12. don't hold grudges
  13. admit when you mess up + apologies
  14. show your friends support when they chasing their dreams
  15. if you can't make up your mind, flip a coin
  16. take mid day naps
  17. don't stress things you can't control
  18. don't worry about what other people doing with their life, live yours
  19. never compare yourself to anyone
  20. work to better yourself in one way every single day
  21. try new food when you can
  22. stretch when you wake up
  23. never drink + drive
  24. always carry gum
  25. be thankful + aware of everything you've been blessed with thus far in life. there's someone who would do anything to trade for just an hour of your life.