5 Tips To Improving Your Blog Photography

5 Tips To Improving Your Blog Photography

Let's be real right now.

Now more than ever, it's important that the content that you are using to represent you + your brand is top notch. The first impression is the most important impression + you have to make sure that what people see of you hits the mark.

If you want others to take you seriously as a brand/blogger, you have to show that you take yourself seriously in what you do. Here are 5 tips to help improve your blog photography.

Use Your Resources

You may not have the fanciest camera on the planet but I have to admit, an iPhone is a good place to start. These new smartphones have amazing cameras built in them that allow you take extremely crisp photos. Combine that with one of the photo editing apps like vsco cam + you have a good starting point.

If your budget allows + you have the time to train your self, you can even get a decent DSLR from Amazon for around $300 or less. I actually have another article here where I talked about some good starting equipment if you want to look into it more. That plus a simple tripod + self-timer remote + you can get straight to work.

Now more than ever, it’s important that the content that you are using to represent you + your brand is top notch

Learn To Pose

I feel like people scare themselves a little with this one. I read a book called Steal Like An Artist last year + it basically talked about taking what works + then putting your own twist on it.

Do some research on some people that do similar work to what you do or inspire to do. Check out their images, see what type of poses and feel they bring to their photo. From there, all you have to do is how you can replicate that in your own style. I have an article on posing that you can check out to get some quick tips.

Buy Stock Photos

A quick + easy way to get some good quality photos is to download some stock photos. Stock photos are photos that photographers put online for others to use, sometimes free sometimes for money. You can search for what you need online to find some work to represent your business. The biggest thing about this that I don't like I that it's not customized for your brand + so doesn't really represent you.

Learn How To Work With Natural Lighting

The best lighting in my personal opinion is the sun. It's an all natural light source. I like the way the sun radiates on the skin, especially when you catch it during the golden hours (like an hour before sunrise and again about an hour before the sun goes down.) Learn which angles work for you when taking your photos makes a huge difference in the quality of your images.

Hire A Photographer

Perhaps the easiest way to get great quality images is to work with me. 

No, I'm only joking (kinda) but in all seriousness, it's always good to work with someone who knows what they're doing. Try to find a photographer who has experience capturing images similar to what you want for your brand or blog. A good photographer will be to not only capture good photos but also explain how you can make your photos better for future shoots. 

Cut out the guesswork + the struggle of setting up your tripod and just hire someone that can help you. Your time is valuable. Instead of spending it doing something that's not your strong suit, work with someone to handle that for you while you focus your attention on things that you can have a bigger impact on.


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