Book Review: Black Privilege

Book Review: Black Privilege

This month read, Black Privilege was by one of my favorite radio hosts, Charlamagne Da God one of the hosts of the hottest radio shows out right now, The Breakfast Club.

A lot of people don’t like Charlamange but I personally think he’s dope. 

I feel like a lot of the things he says are things I agree about. A few times he’s said some things that others would deem rude or inconsiderate but honestly, it's some factual things that he says that people just don’t like to hear. 

His book, Black Privilege talks about his upcoming + a little on how he got to where he was at in life. There were a lot of personal stories but it wrapped around 8 lessons that he felt made him the man he was.

Although the principles that he discusses weren't necessarily new or innovative, I still think he reminded me of a few things that I may have forgotten about. I think my favorite part was just hearing how he found the motivation to keep going even though he had been let go several times in his career.

Sometimes I don't reach the goals I set for myself + I sometimes become discouraged which is completely normal. The ones that become legendary in their craft are the ones who take their failures + learn from them.

Charlamagne's book is definitely worth the pick up in my opinion. A quick + funny read, this is definitely a good coffee table piece that I can see myself coming back to visit in the future.