Everyone Can Model: This Is How

Everyone Can Model: This Is How

A lot of people tell me they can't take photos. I tell them all the same thing,

"You sound silly right now." 

Honestly, think about what you're saying, you can't take photos? It's all in your head, trust me. Now you may not know what to do in front of a camera, which is different but luckily that's something you can learn.  Here are some tips I give my clients when they need a little help in front of the camera

Put a little space between your limbs + your body

When you're possing remember don't press your arms directly flat on your body. When you press them to your side, they get squashed + look bigger than they usually are. Place them close but keep a slight gap in between to give them the illusion of looking slimmer.

Extend your neck

One of the most common tips photographers gives their models. Why? Because it adds to your height  + just generally looks more attractive. The neck is a very location of the body. I tell my clients to practice this in the mirror a little at home before. Not because it's hard to do but because it's not something we naturally do. 

Keep your hands open

Don't clench your hands. You want your hands to be free flowing + soft. When you clinch them forming a fist,  it's not as attractive. You want to show your hands off. Keep them open + flat. They will look longer + more elegant in the photos.

Open the mouth

I like tell my clients to keep their mouth slightly open. You don't have to have a huge smile but at the same time, you don't want a clenched mouth. You can see the strain in your jaw. Unless you are going for a very powerful look this can sometimes come off as being angry when photographed.

Turn the shoulders

Twist your shoulders ever so slightly towards the camera. You'll notice a lot of models do this and place the arm closer to the camera on their hips. There's a good reason to that. It distributes your weight more throughout the body, thus making you appear slimmer in the photo.

Stand on your tippy toes

Depending on what you're wearing, standing on your tippy toes can help you appear taller in photos. This will also add definition to your legs because of the tension. 

Shift weight to your back leg

Switches the weight around. When you put your weight on your front leg it appears bigger in photos. I recommend always putting the weight on your back leg. Most clients want to focus attention on their face, not to their hips. 

Don't be self conscious

People sometimes get self-conscious and start thinking they look funny in front of the camera. Even if they don't though, the camera begins to capture the self-doubt. When you go in confident knowing you will capture some powerful images, you produce power stuff. Go in knowing that you're going to kill the shoot. We all have flaws, we're humans. Don't stress it. Even Beyonce probably has some things that she wishes she could change. Accept yourself as you are + go out and live your best life.

Have Fun

At the end of the day just remember, it's just a photo. The very last thing the photographer wants to do is make you feel uncomfortable or put a bad picture out. So work together to create something special. Even if it's a serious shoot where you're not suppose to smile, don't be afraid to show a smile in a few of them. The photographer probably won't use them but who cares. We just want to ensure you're pleased honestly.

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