I Finally Got A Mattress.

I finally got a mattress.

Like literally just brought it upstairs + put it on my new bed frame.

I had been sleeping on a friend's air mattress for close to a month.

That statement sounds wild, don’t it?

I felt weird even typing it but hey, it’s my truth.

So for those who don’t know, I recently moved from The Bronx to Brooklyn.

In my nearly three years of living in New York, I can say moving to BK is a top two significant milestone (+ it ain’t number two).

Leaving the Bronx marked a significant moment to me. 

When I moved to New York in 2015, I came up with LITERALLY nothing but a backpack + less than $200 in my bank account.

It was up to me to figure everything out + that’s exactly what I did.

I got a great blessing because my first apartment came fully furnished when I moved in so I just had to focus on making money.

For the first two years, I worked my part time job as I got a better understanding of both the artistic + business side of photography.

It was a lot of trial + error (a whole lot of errors) but I eventually found my footing.

Although I was never a huge fan of the Bronx, it will always hold a special spot in my heart.

It was where I got established. It was my beginning. It was my headquarters. My sanctuary.

But it wasn’t me. 

My family + I are blessed. I come from a line of hard working individuals who earned decent wages.

I'm far from spoiled but I could have pretty easily reached out to my parents to ask for some support.

Even though, they offered countless times to help, I deliberately refused.

For me going through the struggle was necessary. I believe that it's part of The Process. 

I didn't want to get into an "I can cheat The Process mindset" because it's the easy route.

Whenever you cheat The Process, you're really just cheating yourself.

Cheating yourself from the opportunity to gain wisdom.

The opportunity to exercise patience.

The opportunity to practice intense focus.

I wanted to look back + say I took all the bumps + blows life tossed at me as I made my journey into this full time entrepreneur lifestyle.

But not only did I take the blows, but I made it through stronger.

Everything about this move was up to me, not a single dollar came from family or friends.

From apartment fees, moving cost, getting new furniture. Every single debt card swipe came out of my personal banking account.

And every dollar that was in my bank account was put in there by me + my camera. 

By my own hard work + dedication.

By the business that I created from nothing.

I never felt more excited to swipe my card (I wasn’t really but for the sake of this blog post we gonna act like I was).

I did it. Yea it took me a while to get everything how I wanted, but I did it. 

I’m blessed yo. If for some reason, everything was taken away from me tomorrow, I know in my heart I can do it because I’ve done it before.

That in itself is worth so much in my opinion.

This post wasn’t really about much, more-so just to say that the process is not easy nor is it fun, but it’s doable.

I’m proof.

Proof that it's not gonna be a cake walk + more often than not, you're gonna want to give up but keep pushing even when you have nothing left in the tank, because the rewards on the other side are priceless.

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