Book Review: Rich20Something

I've always had a passion for books even winning some reading awards as a child. As of recently, i found myself reading less + less though. so to combat that, I decided to challenge myself to a book a month. 

This month i decided to read Rich20Something written by fellow University of South Florida alum, Daniel DiPiazza. I actually met Daniel not too long ago via mutal friends. Although we only got to talk for a brief moment I could tell he was filled with valuable knowledge.

Daniel did a great job with this book. His conversational style of writing made this book really easy to consume.

Even though I read the book straight thru, it was one of those books that was written more as a guide. You could really open it up at any section, read it + still have a full comprehension of what was going on.

Being a freelancer + entrepreneur, I spend a lot of time researching different passive incomes methods so I don't have to always be doing work. The information was not only new to me but he also went into great details to give examples and even help brainstorm some more.

Packed with a great sense of humor + useful knowledge, I'd definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for advice on entrepreneurship or second source of income. 

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