the jump.

How I knew I loved shooting photos

with my bandana tied + my nikes on, there i was walking throughout nyc in the hot sun with three bags heavy enough to make hercules break a sweat. little did i know i was going to be shooting photos for 14 hours straight that day. what’s even crazier is that this wouldn’t be my last time doing this and what’s even crazier than that is i loved every minute of it.

and while the average person would come home after a day like that + hop in bed, i instead found myself uploading photos to my mac + prepping for edits. it was when this happened several times that it finally struck me that photography was actually a passion of mine.

even with this realization though, it wasn't until months later that i finally built up enough courage to make the jump. i can't really explain how i knew it was time.

i tried the "save til i reached a certain amount" trick but i just never was able to reach my goal.

took the "write a complete business plan and have it mapped out" move but once i had the plan completely written out i was still full of self-doubt.

where did this self doubt come from?

well some of it can be attributed to 2014 when i first started freelancing + launched a marketing company called dreamspark media. it was a graphic + website design company that helped small businesses design logos + develop their overall brand identity.

dreamspark was a short-lived project, lasting a little over a year. although business was good + consistent, i think the reason dreamspark crashed the way it did was because it wasn't a passion of mine. graphic + web design was a skill set that i acquired thru the years that just happened to make money.

but it was never something that i woke up every day passionate to do or actually want to get better, i just wanted the money.

i learned that doing things for the money will only take you so far but the fuel to keep going will eventually run out. passion is timeless though, it's the love of simply doing the activity that pushes you to get better every time.

knowing that i wont live forever, i go into every day with the intentions of being better than i was yesterday because if not, what was the point?

i realized that my primary focus shouldn’t be set on money or how to get from point a to point z the quickest, the goal is to get from point a to point b to point c.

one of my favorite quotes “it takes ten years to become an overnight celebrity” so with that in mind i take my time, enjoy the process + build great memories.

i'm a firm believer that we were not put here on earth to be forced to work + i decided relatively early that if i am going to be forced to work, it's going to be on my own terms. but shooting photos wasn't work to me.

i couldn't keep forcing myself to work a nine to five, doing things that i didn't enjoy. that just wasn’t happening. so I took a different route that allows me to wake up every morning excited + driven by passion.

whether it's shooting photos, making music, acting, or whatever it is you love, i encourage you to at least take that jump.

i'm not guaranteeing it's going to work, but you'll at least appreciate the effort of the attempt + failing than looking back in life sixty years later like, i wish i would've done such + such.