Stop Asking Creatives To Create For Free.

Stop Asking Creatives To Create For Free.

Before I was a photographer, I had no idea about the art. 

If you asked me what a photographer did my answer would have been similar to 90% of the general population. They take photos. Everyone knows that.

And I would be right. 

But wrong too. 

Because there's more to photography.

Much more. 

When you book a creative, you don't just get them for that one moment. You get them, in their entirety. 

You get my time, my lifetime of experience, and my creativity. 

When you book me or any creative, you're not just booking them because they know how to use the equipment. You're not paying me because I know how to work a camera. Nine times out of ten you have a smartphone, meaning you have a smart camera attached. 

The iPhone can take amazing photos. Have you seen that portrait feature on the 7plus? Bruh, it's crazy. 

Why don't you just do your family portraits on that? You have a fashion blog, why don't you just have a friend just snap a photo and post that on your blog? 

The reason you reach out to work with a creative is because you appreciate what they create. No one learns how to create overnight Our creations come from literally hundreds of hours of training and practice. 

Let me break down an average shoot for me. Prior to a shoot, I do phone or video consultation. I want to make sure my clients and I sync before we even shoot, that's can take about one hour (1 hr total). 

Once we talk and come to a definite idea about what you envision in your mind want to create, I go to my office to create a mood board with concept photos,

I do this for two reasons, one to have some starting points and looks for my clients before we even get there. a lot of people get camera shy and aren't professional photo takers so I found out this is a good base to start at. 

Creation of a mood board can take 2-4 hours depending on looks and locations. For sake of this post, let's say 2 hours (3 hr total) 

Now the day of the shoot, there are the 2 hours of actual shooting time (5 hours total) then after the shoot I must go thru and select shots and erase all ones that won't work at all, overexposed, blinked in photos etc. Another hour was gone, (6 hours) 

Once we select what photos you like, I have to go back thru for editing + retouching, again for the sake of this post, I'll just say the client chose the smallest package which includes 12 retouched photos, aka 4 more hours (10 hours). 

To you the client, you may think it's only 2 hours of my time but in reality, it can be up to 10 hours! Surprising, isn't it?

Now take all this into account and you can see why creatives get upset when asked to work for free. Although our training may not be as formal, we put in those same hours to become skilled at our craft. 

A lot of us, including myself earn our living off of our art, and to simply ask for us to create something that benefits you without proper compensation is simply unacceptable.

You don't ask a chef to cook for free. 
You don't ask a doctor to perform surgery for free.
You don't ask an accountant to do your taxes for free.

So please, stop asking creatives to create for free for you.