The Importance of Faking It Til You Make It

The Importance of Faking It Til You Make It

So as I’m typing these blogs out, more people are beginning to reach out to ask me questions.

I use these as inspiration for blog topics to write about.

A recent email i got from a fellow photographer mentioned how they liked how even though they’ve been shooting longer than me, I have made some tremendous strides with my photography.

The truth is, half of the things were faked.

Not fake in the sense that I didn’t put the work in it earn it but fake in the fact that at the time I wasn't even prepared to accomplish whatever it was at the time.

I’m extremely grateful for all the opportunities + blessings I’ve experiences in my relatively short time as a photographer.

Although I’m not 100% certain on what all I want to accomplish with my photography(the woes of an artist, their goals + visions are constantly changing) but I did realize early in the process that before I get to where I’m going, I need to be properly prepared.

You have to envision where you see yourself then act like you’re already there. 

Before Beyonce was the great artist in the world she had to see herself as the greatest artist in the world.

When she recorded her first song, when she performed at her first show, when she released her first album, she wasn’t who she was now.

But if she didn’t train like that then she wouldn’t be who she is now.

(Sorry y’all I just rewatched that Coachella performance aka Beychella so she was the source of inspiration behind this post)

But seriously, it's a mindset thing majority of the time.

A lot of creatives I talk with say things like

"I don't think my work is good enough to be published"


"My work isn't worth that much money"

Now if you as the creative aren't confident in your abilities, why would anyone else be confident?

I'd say talent is maybe 20% of the formula but it's the energy you're putting out that's the other 80%.

To bring make it more personal + bring it  back home, before I even picked up the camera, I had to “fake” my way as a photographer.

Once I became a shooter, I had to “fake” my way to being a professional photographer (what exactly is a professional btw? anyone know?)

I know how hard it can be to fake something you've never done before but you gotta figure it out to keep it short + sweet.

I suggest that every one keeps a clear + vivid vision of their "why"

Why you got started in the first place.

This can be your base so if you ever feel as though you're lost or not making progress, you can use this as a measuring stick to figure out where you're at + where you're tryna go.

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