Hey, you're e-book is on the way to your email, but I got an even better story for you:

I made $5,000 in a week taking photos


I first picked up the camera because I was broke.

I had just moved to New York City with only $150 in my bank account + no job.

I remember struggling to figure out how I could make money taking photos. People would tell me they liked my work but I either wouldn't be able to get consistent bookings or people would try to under pay me.

But after months of studying, I began to figure out what worked + what didn't.

Eventually, business picked up + the next thing you know I was shooting photography full time in New York City.

I can teach you how I did it too...

I get a ton of questions from friends + peers asking for advice on going full time with photography. My journey thus far has been crazy.  A lot of trial + error, a lot of mistakes learned from + a lot of valuable insight picked up.

This course is a guideline with start to finish with every step I made to make that full time leap. I tossed in a variety of content from written pieces, videos to infographics.

I go into details on topics like:

  • Setting The Foundation
  • Determine Your Ideal Client
  • Building Your Brand
  • Setting Goals
  • Setting up an LLC
  • Determine Your Rate
  • Building Your Portfolio
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Negotiating with Brands + Companies

I also tossed in a ton of worksheets + forms I used to build my complete brand out, from ideal client worksheets to proposal letter samples I send to companies.

This class will give you all the tools you need to finally make that jump from your traditional 9-5 to the full time freelance life. 

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