I made $5,000 in a week taking photos


I'll teach you how I did it too...

So a lot of y'all may know my story.

I moved from Florida to New York City with only a backpack full of clothes + a bank account with $150.33 in it.

No job. No place to stay + a camera I had no idea how to use.

I snagged a part-time job to stay a float while I did everything I could to learn how to make money off the camera. 

I read every book. Visited every blog. Took every course. I did it all.

In a few months time I started making serious money. 

Enough that I could ditch the part time + work for myself!

Now I want to spread the knowledge to the people on how to secure the bag.

I get a ton of questions from friends + peers asking for advice on going full time with photography. My journey thus far has been crazy.  A lot of trial + error, a lot of mistakes learned from + a lot of valuable insight picked up.

This e-course is a guideline with start to finish with every step I made to make that full time leap. I tossed in a variety of content from written pieces, videos to infographics.

Start from the basics like your first camera selection to the more complex stuff like negotiating with corporations and so much more.

I also tossed in a ton of worksheets + forms I used to build my complete brand out, from ideal client worksheets to proposal letter samples I send to companies.

This class will give you all the tools you need to finally make that jump from your traditional 9-5 to the full time freelance life.