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Missed Phone Calls

Do you remember? I do.

I remember when we would talk every day, from sun up to sun down.

You were the first thing to cross my mind when I woke up.

The last thing to remain when I drifted to sleep.

But that was then. Now it‘s as if we were never part of the same world.

It‘s as if we were born in different eras.

It‘s as if we never met. Happiness stalled, feelings forgotten, and memories turned bitter. The love faded—slowly at first—until eventually the gulf between us could no longer be measured in distance, but rather in time…and hurt.

Even though our spirits are cracked, can‘t you even slightly remember the time when the love path that we walked was whole and when the only direction we could follow was steered towards bliss?

When the road was filled with flowers of compassion and rivers of love so powerful that anything outside of our love would drown under the current.

My pride would never allow me to ask, but my soul begs the question, “If fate called you to me again, would you answer?“