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new mona lisa.

it’s been a while since i’ve created.

not to say that i haven’t been shooting just that i haven’t been creating artwork.

i had to take some time away + just actually focus on me + what i wanted the world to see from me.

i would compare the process almost to that of a sculptor looking at a slab of marble.

i had to chisel away at my work + get rid of the excess noise + distractions.

or like leonardo da vinci, going thru his process of creating paintings.

this is a display of my new work, my new mindset, my new vision.

my new mona lisa.

as seen on vogue italia.


model: fatou.

mua: ciara.

stylist: rebecca.

photo assistant: nafsi.

photographer/videographer: @createdbyjarrod | createdbyjarrod.com