You’ll never fully experience my visual stories without the music, so press play & enjoy.


when i shoot a new visual story, more times than not, i don't have a actual story in mind.

just a vision.

i see what images i want to capture and think about what it means to me, subliminally, because even if i can't actively acknowledge it, every story means something.

this shoot started merely as a basic shoot, i saw colors i liked and wanted to incorporate it. although this has been the largest group i've worked with, there was a strange simplicity to it. maybe it was the fact that the models worked well together, or there was no real purpose that loosened the stressed of a shoot but whatever it is, it worked. which led me to type this story.

this piece is on simplicity and the beauty of doing less. the saying less is more is so true and i think it was embodied in this shoot. i hope you enjoy these photos as much as i enjoyed capturing them. enjoy.


model: I want give a special shoutout to Bianca, Esther, Dae, Amira, Jaidus, Chris, Maya, Danielle, Nehemie

photographer/videographer: @createdbyjarrod | createdbyjarrod.com