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Black Angels.

Dedicated to my fellow black Queens & Kings.

Right now I‘m tired. Tired of worrying for my people. Tired of stressing for my people. Tired of constantly seeing my people treated like their Black Lives don’t Matter.

We as a people have been through so much. Yet thru it all, we still stand strong. How do we do it? How do we endure the injustice that is handed to us daily?

I‘ve wonder for years how we’ve been able to cope with this heavy burden and in almost a prolific type of way, I had a dream and it all came to me.

I went to heaven and all the angels were black.

I woke up but yet the dream still seems to be true.

I mean it‘s quite evident to me and probably you too if you really look. Look at the way black skin glow when the sun hits. Look at the ingenious creations we’ve built from the pyramids to the carbon filament used in lightbulbs. We’ve always been the culture setters, often not even given credit. We create something, it‘s stolen and we create again.

No matter how much it may seem society is against us. No matter how they portray us to be in media I am here to tell you that we are different. We are built in the image of God. We have all his traits of love, strength, wisdom and more. Do not be fooled, do not believe the lies.

We can’t be stopped. We won’t be stopped.

This story is merely a way for me to represent my people as how they are viewed in my eyes.

As God’s chosen people. As angels. As Queens & Kings.


Thank you for my models Kaena and Demone. This was my first studio shoot ever + I'm pleased with the results. I hope you enjoy. Godbless.

photographer/writer: @createdbyjarrod | createdbyjarrod.com