my first lady footlocker campaign

Man it’s lit!

Super excited to announce that my very first campaign for Lady Foot Locker “Blue Skies” is now officially live.

This entire photoshoot was a blast.

When the creative director emailed me the deck, I fell in love immediately

We instantly started building the team for the campaign

This was definitely my largest brand campaign to date, having include everybody from a fashion stylist to a prop director. When it was all said + done, we had a 12 person team!

Another thing that the creative director emphasized for this shoot was for the theme “Blue Skies” to be consistent thru all the photos

When we first got to set the skies were gorgeous and exactly what we wanted but of course, like most times in photography, things switched up

We were due to get rain the day of the shoot so after about the second look, the skies turned to an ugly gray/white.

It took a lil photoshopping to make the images come to life how we wanted (I actually included some before + after shots below so you can see how I finessed the images lol)

All + all, the experience was super fire + I look forward to creating with the homies at Lady Foot Locker real soon!

Some of the shots from the shoot, for more from the campaign click here.


I had to photoshop some of the photos from the shoot so that there was an actual blue sky. Here are some before + after shots.


Wanna see how I photoshopped the sky into my photos? Check out the blog post here!